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4 Homebuyer Tips To Make House Hunting More Efficient
 October 16 2016     Posted by Lawrence Goldenstein

Going house hunting can be fun and exciting at first, but the more houses you look at, the more frustrating you might become -- especially if you just can't seem to find the perfect home. No one said that finding a new home was going to be easy, but you can cut down on some of your frustration by preparing yourself better for your quest to find the perfect home. Here are four tips that should help make the house-hunting process more efficient:




1. Do your research online 

Instead of driving around and looking for open house signs in neighborhoods that you like, do some research online. Not only will it be easy to find a schedule of open houses online, but you can learn more about the property by checking out the listing. There also are numerous apps, such as Open Home Pro, that display upcoming open houses. An online search can save you the trouble of going to an open house for a home that is in no way what you're looking for.


2. Create a plan 

Work with your real estate agent to develop a plan of action. This should include a schedule of open houses that you should attend. Your real estate agent can help you narrow down the list to open houses that are worth going to, as well as recommend those they have been alerted of through their vast real estate network.


3. Take plenty of notes 

Once you've gone to more than a couple of open houses, you're going to begin forgetting some of the smaller details you may have noticed while you were on the tour. In fact, you may begin confusing houses and forgetting which property had what feature. Jot down notes during the open house or directly following it. Your notes should include first impressions, likes and dislikes, and questions you may have. These notes will allow you to compare the different homes you've looked at; you will be able to judge a home based on its pros and cons, and help to inform your agent about your findings. The agent can then help you to prioritize new listings and find properties that fit your needs at an even more nuanced level.


4. Use open houses as a way to screen homes 

Instead of arranging private showings for every home you think you might be interested in, go to the open house first to see if a private showing will be worth your time.


House hunting can take up a lot of your time, which is one of the most frustrating things about homebuying. Doing your research beforehand, creating a plan, taking notes, and using open houses as a way to screen homes will make your house-hunting process much more efficient.


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