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My wife and I have had a fantastic experience dealing with Lawrence as our mortgage agent. He was very informative and helpful throughout us getting a new mortgage. Lawrence was able to find a mortgage that best suited our needs at a great rate and with increadible ease. We did not have to fight to get the best rate (as we did with our previous financial institution) as he offered it to us right up front! Lawrence showed a real dedication to researching the best mortgage for us, and we will not hesitate to use his services again for our next mortgage as well as refer him to our friends.

Barry & Mandy

Working with Lawrence, as our mortgage agent, was one of the best choices my wife and I could have made. Lawrence not only acted as the agent, but went further in providing us with pertinent information, regarding the purchase of our condominium, permitting us to make the right decision. When it came time to refinance, there was no question as to who it was we were going to contact. Lawrence is the most capable, well informed and professional mortgage agent in the business and I have no hesitation to recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage.

Ron & Miriam

"As first-time home buyers in February 2009, my Husband and I were absolutely terrified at the prospect of obtaining financing. Who would want to give US a mortgage? And how many years worth of paperwork would I have to fill out first? I contacted Lawrence on a referral and almost immediately, he took all of the anxiety, stress, and difficulty out of the process. He simply took our information without judgment and then explained the options that were available to us. It was actually so much easier than I expected it to be, and we credit Lawrence with that 100%. We've since referred a few friends and family to him and he has been great with everyone."


Looking to buy a house? Need a mortgage? Give my friend Lawrence Goldenstein a call or contact him on FB. He's a mortgage specialist and helped me out big time!

Henry H

Great service and we were educated on what is out in the market place as to products, rates and institutions which helped us make the right choice for our family. Great work and thanks for all your help.


Lawrence helped me to secure my first mortgage loan in the summer of 2011. Concerns about my own inexperience were completely alleviated by working with Lawrence. His expertise in the industry was evident immediately. He patiently answered all of my questions and provided me with valuable insights. Lawrence's commitment to providing a value-added service exceeded all expectations. A couple of months before my purchase was scheduled to close, a competitive financing arrangement had been secured - that did not stop Lawrence from continuing to seek out more attractive arrangements, three times coming back to me with improved arrangements. I do not hesitate to recommend Lawrence's services to anybody who mentions they are seeking a Mortgage Agent.

J. Joffe

Lawrence was great. With my busy and tight schedule, he saved me lots of time

James F.

Lawrence secured the best rate for my mortgage and made the entire process stress free. He is always there to answer any questions and walk you through the process. He is honest, reliable, knowledgable, and a true professional. He has been a pleasure to deal with and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage.


Our experience with Lawrence was fantastic. He is quick, professional and really looks our for his client's best interests. We highly recommend him to our friends and colleagues.

Rob & Tifany

"I thought getting a mortgage would be a hassle, and time spent with an aggressive mortgage agent whose own needs would be put before mine. I found Lawrence and I was never happier with his level of professionalism, knowledge, and 'going the distance' to get me a mortgage that met my needs."


We are grateful that we have Lawrence as our mortgage agent. He is excellent at what he does. Lawrence is very knowledgable, detail-oriented and answered all of our questions. Through his words and actions, Lawrence really put our best interests first. Lawrence guided us through the process and made it as easy as possible for us. Thanks for everything!

Lisa & Ben

I highly recommend Lawrence. Lawrence has been wonderful to work with and I trust when working with him that I get the best rates and honest service.

Simon Y.

Lawrence made purchasing our 1st house that much easier by setting up the pre-approval and then taking care of just about everything. The mortgage became the least of our worries allowing us to focus on the more tedious side of moving! Thanks Lawrence for the help and information. It made a difference.

Trey & Karen

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